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Tips for Holding a Successful Meeting

Check out our top tips for ensuring a productive meeting, because it needn’t be hard work!

Plan Ahead

The first step to a successful meeting is the efforts that you take beforehand, ensuring on the day there is minimal stress, and for a smooth experience.

Consider your surroundings. If you are hosting the meeting externally, make sure you make full use of the facilities. Event suites will typically offer presentation and sound equipment. Look out for packages and offers where you can get this bundled at a lower cost.

If you have chosen to keep the meeting at your place of work, ensure it is in the diary well in advance so there are no clashes, and that there will be minimal disturbance from others.

Give your attendees a taste of what will be discussed a few days beforehand, and if you need work from others, ensure this is given in advance so everyone is prepared.

Finally, set yourself goals of what you wish to achieve, and what you would like your fellow attendees to get out of the meeting, too.

Keep your eye on the time

Whilst participation is key to an engaging meeting, it is important not to let the meeting go too off-topic. Before you know it, it will be midday and only one of your points will have been covered.

Try and strike a balance between allowing for discussion, and knowing when to wrap things up. By creating a plan of action, you can judge how much you have left to discuss and how long the meeting has got left.


Provide Fuel

It is important to consider food and beverage, whether the meeting is for one hour or five!

Supplying hot drinks such as tea and coffee, as well as a glass of water, is a great way to keep people going.

If you are holding a longer meeting, consider lunch as a way of breaking up the meeting. It is a great way to wind down temporarily and fuel ideas.

For morning meetings, why not try breakfast. This is a great start to the day and ease into things, and will also ensure people are kept going until lunchtime.


Location, Location, Location!

The setting of the meeting is crucial.

Hosting at the office is easy in terms of time-saving and fitting into busier schedules.

On the other hand, choosing to hold a meeting at an external location is great for approaching the meeting with a neutral and relaxed mindset, and a great way to break people away from their desks.


Here at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, we are proud to host your meeting. Whether you require a larger, conference-style setup or an intimate space – we can accommodate with one of our elegant event suites. Each equipped with free Wi-Fi, and optional sound and presentation equipment, your meeting is sure to run smoothly. There are plenty of dining options at the Botanical Gardens. Whether you are looking for a full English breakfast or delicious granola shots, a delicious breakfast is an excellent way to start the day. In addition, hot or cold buffets are the perfect excuse to take a break and enjoy great food. Set in 15 acres of beautiful gardens, the location is a calm and inspiring space to get creative juices flowing.

Day Delegate packages are available, starting from £25 per person.

Contact us today to find out more.

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